Rest of tracks not displaying when many tracks in left zone.


With the mixconsole fullscreen and all my input busses (19 in my case) plus one group track set to the left zone, there is no way to view anything past the 20 zoned channels ( or the amount of channels that fills up your console, depending on the screen real estate).


Create a new project and add more channels that fit on one screen.
Select all visible and dock them to the left of the console.
There is no way to see the remaining tracks unless you zoom out (you cannot scroll to the remaining tracks or output bus).

Please confirm.

Forgot to mention (my signature doesn’t seem to update): Windows 8 32-bit…

But that’s the whole point of the zoning feature - to keep the channels anchored in view?!


Come to think of it: you’re right.
Didn’t think of it that way.

A bit embarrased now… :blush: