Rest Position feature request

When one turns on the Rest Position setting in Write mode, it would be really wonderful if the number setting then started at the current rest position, rather than defaulting to zero. That would save a lot of time then trying to guess the number of the original rest position and altering it from there. After all, one only normally wants to change the rest position manually in variation from the position Dorico has automatically put the rest (normall in multi-voice passages).


Very good request! +1


yes please. +1!

I agree. I’ve asked for that kind of behavior for quite a long time, and had the pleasure to see the Team had implemented it for the space size (in Breaks properties). The feature is now way more usable. Of course, it would be wonderful if all properties that have such values could start at the existing value instead of starting at 0, but I understand it’s quite a lot of programming time involved.