Rest position in condensed score

Hi! These quarter-rests don’t look to good.
Is there now way to position them better?


btw. unable to get hn1+2 to condense right. Tips on what to look for?

This is not something that is easily possible at the moment. Some users have come up with clever workarounds though. e.g.

(N.B. I haven’t looked if this workaround would actually help your situation)


How do you want them to look? Are you referring to the fermata?

You may have a manual condensing change that is forcing the separate voices to appear.

There could be an element that is not in the same rhythmic position. My guess would be the “breve” text. I’d suggest deleting them, re-enter it in the first player, copy/paste to the second player, and see what happens.

Upload the section of your project that this happens in and we can likely tell you quickly. Uploading a project is nearly always the best thing to do but especially with condensing dramas.

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To position the quarter rests better, see this post.

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I’ll do a manual here. And move on. Thanks!