Restart button?

I know it would be unorthodox but would it be possible to add a temporary one step “restart button” on the interface on the next update?

Restart – would save, close, and reopen to same piece with one click.

You can always remove it later – but I still find restarts necessary.
I do this to listen to dynamic changes I made to the piece, since it is not taking effect.

The other issue is when I go from the Write page to another so the caret will work properly on highlighting notes. I don’t know what Dorico does exactly when I do this, but it would be nice to fix that also but that’s the other issue, but it doesn’t need a full restart.

I think I would rather we spend the time fixing the bug so that the dynamics take effect immediately instead!

I agree with Daniel’s last statement !

The OP’s proposed solution is a classic example of an X-Y problem. See :wink:


I assumed it would take an experienced programmer less than 5 minutes to implement a close/restart button feature since it uses already available functions.

In fact, I would suggest it for anyone developing a complex application from scratch, since bugs are facts of programming.

True it might only save 1 second per use, but those seconds add up, and I’m never getting those back. : )

(plus I’m waiting for vst instruments to load as well each time tick tock tick tock)


Personally, I would find a “Restart” item in the menu of any application to be totally bizarre…
Similar to the “Save Preferences” item in Finale’s menu — always seemed like something that really shouldn’t be there.

I don’t understand the wish for a restart button. All you need to do it close Dorico and open it again.

The fastest way to close and open the program manually is 7 to 8 separate key presses depending on your preference. (that’s on Windows) And if you use your mouse, it can take even longer.

Guess I am the only one who cares about efficiency to this extent.

Sorry I even suggested it.

Really? One keypress to save the project, one to close it, one mouse click to re-open it from "recent projects?

What are the others from your “7 or 8”? (Or are you counting Ctrl-Alt-something as 3 key presses not one?)

If you only need to close and reopen the file rather than the application, I believe you can use a macro for that. If you need to restart Dorico itself, maybe something like Keyboard Maestro might help you.