Restauration tool menue missing...

Hello Folks…
It is probably my incompetence that doesn’t let me see the obvious , but when I want to apply some DeNoiser or DeClicker from the Tools menue ( select event, click right, go to plugin menue…VST2 ) There is no Restauration tools folder, anymore. But, when opening the channel insert fx plugin menue, all of them are there correctly.
Info: PC with win7 64 bit, Nuendo 5.5.1 64 bit.

Cheers, Big K

Didn’t you know?
Since 5.5 you need the REK (Restoration Expansion Kit). Thats why the update was for free… :wink:

Edit: Can’t confirm this here…

This is normal under 64bit since day one, and I wonder why Domilik cannot repro this :question:

To use VST2 plugins that are written in 32bit for offline processing, you need to jBridge them. The VSTbridge is unable to do offline processing.

Ooops! Didn’t I read something like “the VST bridge remained unchanged with the release of Cubase 6.05. All problems are due to third party developers” just a few minutes ago ? Hahaha !!

Lol …
Thanks for the info.

Now, this is something I can get mad about.
Who’s brillant idea was that, then?
SB should use their capacity for improvements on Nuendo instead of developing some iPrune apps.

Miffed User…

I’m missing declicker and denoiser as well, although they are still in the contents folder of the 5.5.4 app. Everything else (distortion, dynamics, etc) is there and works fine. Also, I’ve been getting a warning that there’s a Syncrosoft POS error message…see attached.
Screen shot 2012-08-21 at 1.12.20 PM.png

Not a huge loss from my point of view.
Try iZotope RX instead. Lightyears ahead imho.


Thanks Ollie…I hear ya. Just curious as to where it went!

I think Big K might be talking about lunch :wink:

Always!! Nothing like a hearty meal and a cool blond ( beer)… :wink:
My fault… a little mix-up… Restaurierung (German) = restoration (English)

Btw, there are a few occasions when the SB tools make a better job than Sonnox, TC & sevaW.
Nevertheless, iZ’s RX and Algo’s reNOVAtor, etc., are superb tools, for sure.

Big K

Genau - In my case it would be a Leberknodelsuppe, Wiener Schnitzel, und danach Nusschokoladepalatschinken mit extra schlagobers! - perhaps a blond too.


“Wien, Wien, nur du allein…”

Anyway - back to the music.