I would really love your inputs on this one. :slight_smile:


Good stuff buddy

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Really good!

The scenes in the video and the music go really well together. So that we could give the qualifier Industrial to this music. I like this!

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Thank you Rene_L! I think this one is the most Industrial in my set, for the moment it contains 4 tracks and I could consider it finished as an EP, but also I can always wait before saying it’s an EP and make more tracks to make it an album of atleast 7 tracks.

Kenneth, the footage in this video is outstanding. Out of curiosity, is it possible to know the source? Are they from a library where it is possible to use them without compensation for rights?. Are they public domain?

Hello Rene_L
No I just found it on YouTube, uploading it didn’t cause me any copyrights enfreingments.

The name of the video is “The Steel Industry & The Workings Of A Foundry - 1945 Documentary” (I took only 4 minutes of this documentary out of 32 minutes).

Link here: The Steel Industry & The Workings Of A Foundry - 1945 Documentary - YouTube

Thanks for your interest.

Thank you very much Kenneth, that’s really cool and interesting.

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Super track, just super!!

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Thank you so much knmack681!
Really glad you enjoy it.

The music definitely fits with the video. Well done!

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Thanks for listening Scab_Pickens