Restoration Plugins in Cubase 8 Pro

Hi there,
I have the full version of Cubase 8 Pro.
I recently went to implement the noise reduction plugin on one of my recorded tracks. (I know it was present in previous versions of cubase) and I noticed in the menu of stock steinberg plugins there is no longer a restoration subgroup that contains things like: Denoizer, Declicker, DeEsser etc

Is it meant to be there?
If not, has it been moved?
Or was it simply dropped in Cubase 8?

I never had those as bundled plugs… apart from the Deesser. There are some in Wavelab? There are also a few legacy plugins in the additional content folder of the intall files. Eg Groove Agent One. Might be something in there. If you need thos stuff a lot maybe invest in iZotope RX…

The Desser is in the Dynamics group. I used it yesterday.

The Plugins manual says nothing about the other two.