Restoration tools

Looking for opinions on restoration tools for both post and general use- I know Izotope’s RX is probably the standard nowadays, but it is somewhat expensive, altough I’ve heard that waiting for a sale usually makes up for a good oportunity. I’ve also read about the Acon Digital suite, much more affordable, maybe not as clinical, but still capable of good results. Just want to grab something capable and cost effective, pros and cons of each, also
of spectra layers. Any opinions are welcome and thanks in advance!

You heard right about the iZotope deals but you have to be patient.
They often do weird and wonderful bundle deals that are considerably cheaper than full price.
I believe their Rx elements pack is on sale at various online retailers at the moment which might meet your requirements, but if not it’s a cheaper way ‘on to the ladder’ as it were.

I agree. I’ve kept my eyes open on iZotope’s plugins for the past couple of years and from memory their discounts are deeper around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then a couple of other times on the other half of the year (i.e. spring/summer).

And as matjones wrote there’s both the discounts on RX and on suites. The last sale was maybe a couple of months ago or so and it was for the post production suite, which I got in order to get the reverbs that are included.

And that leads to another point which is that sometimes the discounts aren’t intuitive. If you already own an iZotope product you get a discount based on that. In other words if I log into my account today and look for deals I can get some deals because I already own stuff. If there’s a sale going on then I get the sale price plus an additional discount because I already own stuff. So when I got the post production suite that was actually cheaper than getting an RX license by itself, even though the suite contains like six-seven plugins.

In other words: If you can wait you can sometimes get the one thing you also need in addition to restoration, and then wait for the sale and get the sale price plus ‘existing customer discount’.

Other than RX I can’t really help since I don’t really have experience with the other stuff.

Well I took bait and got RX essentials for $29 now, hoping that I can get a good deal later on. Thanks for the suggestions!