Restore connected barlines

Hi. I’m not sure how to explain clearly my question, but I’ll try my best:

I’m writing a score that halfway through has a meter change. This meter change is different for some instruments (kind of polymetric, but not quite); while the violin 1 and viola play at 10/8+3/4, the violin 2 and cello play at 12/8+2/4. This means barlines will only align every two bars; so, obviously, the barlines stop being connected (as they were at the beginning). Until here, everything is fine. Later on, they all meet at a new 4/4 meter change which applies to everyone. The issue here is that barlines remain separated. Oddly, some bars later (after yet another meter change), barlines resume being connected with no apparent reason. (See attachments for reference)

What am I missing here?

Take a look at the Barlines page of Engraving Options: there is an option for ‘Coincident barlines in polymetric music’: try setting that to ‘Join coincident barlines’.

Thank you for your response! I’ve just tried the ‘Join coincident barlines’ option; the problem is that I don’t want to join barlines during the polymetric part (even coincident barlines); I just want barlines to join after that segment is over. Strangely, it happens two bars after the second metric change (see the third picture in the first post). Why two bars after?

I’m not sure, I’m afraid. If you want to attach the project here I can take a look.

Thank you! Here’s the project (the issue is happening in the first flow).
Copia de Serenata en do (1.28 MB)

Josue, the barline joins all appear correct to me in the first flow. Can you tell me the specific bar number at which they don’t join as you expect?

Starting at bar 56, the barline BEFORE the meter change should be connected. Between 56 and 61, it’s as it should—separated because polimetrics. Then, meter changes to a simple 4/4 at bar 62, but the barlines remain separated until bar 65 where it mysteriously resumes connection.

A new thing just happened yesterday. In galley view (either in Write or Design mode) EVERY barline is disconnected (this didn’t happened before), no matter what. But in page view, it appears as it should (more or less because of the issue in bars 62-65).