Restore Cubase

I recently did a System Recovery and would like to know how I could restore My Cubase 5 esstials and Wavelab 6 Essentials. I have a PC and work with Compaq Presario Computer with Windows XP. My problem is reactivating my e Licenser. I cant find the link for Cubase 5 essentials to reactivate my elicenser number. Is there anyone who can help me.

What exactly do you mean by “System Recovery”?

Are you saying there is no trace whatsoever of Cubase or Wavelab?

No eLicenser Control installation either?

Are you using a soft or USB eLicenser?

My protection ran out on my computer and I started getting certain viruses. I did a system recovery to start my computer back to the factory settings. My cubase and Wavelab are still on the computer but there not working. I was just trying to start everything over and then put a new virus protection on my computer. When I did the recovery it gave me a option of “destructive” which means I would have lost everything on my computer, or non destructive where a lot of the files would not have been lost. Everything is still on my computer I just cant access anything. I cant go in Cubase or Wavelab nor do I have sound coming out of my audiogram.

When I tried to re activate my elicenser, There was no link for Cubase 5 Esstential and when I put my old code in it didnt reactivate the elicenser.