Restore default/original stem length?

In Engrave Mode, it’s possible to drag stems longer or shorter than their default; once I do, though, I can’t figure out how to get them back to default if for some reason I need to. I tried selecting their handles and pressing Delete, the same way altered spacing can be restored, but nothing happened. Can default stem length be restored? If so, how?

Thanks, all!

I think you can turn the Property off in Engrave Mode.

Maybe Edit > Reset appearance could work too?

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In Engrave mode, with the Properties panel open:
when you select a notehead (or multiple noteheads, for that matter) for which the stem length has been changed, the property “Stem adj.” will be active. Click on it to de-activate it. The stems on the selected noteheads should then return to their default length.

Edit > Reset appearance also works on selected items.

Edit: that should have read Edit > Reset Position also works on selected items.


I notice Edit > Reset Position also works on stem handles.

It seems strange that you have to select the stem handle to nudge it, but you have to select the notehead in order to see the stem adj. property. Oh well.

Oh, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of either of those methods. Now that I try going into the note’s properties, I found the select-notehead-to-reset-stem thing, too, which is a little odd but sensible in its own way (the stem belongs to the note, and we think of notes primarily in terms of their noteheads). Anyway, thanks, all of you! Make sure to travel by rail whenever possible.