Restore Factory Settings For MediaBay/Kits/Midi or Help find

Hi how can I Restore Factory Settings For MediaBay, Preset kits and Midi ?
I keep losing my Kits
at least i think there lost?
when I select a preset in the MediaBay (Under the “Load” tab) sometimes I accidently click on the right side of the menu under the “Sub Style” menu, It lets you choose what “Sub style” you want and I keep selecting “None” by accident! by double clicking on the right side of the menu and then my Preset disappears.
Please tell me that makes sense and that you can fix it ?
I have only had GA4 for 2 days and have selected over 10 files for the “None” Category but where is it?
and I Have done a re-Install and update already, is it keeping the old settings even after a re-install?
Version 4.2.20