restore Group Track colour

pic attached

I noticed that Cubase adds new group tracks in brown colour since the last update.
I like that, but unfortunately there is no possibility to restore that color after changing to a different colour.
Or am I missing something?

Thank you, Bert

Not sure which version of Cubase you are using but in the latest version of C9.5 track default colours are defined in:
File / Preferences / User Interface / Track Type Default Colors.

You can reset to the default track color (in your case brown) by following these steps:

This brown color for groups is a custom color. All track types are normally grey by default. You can change the default colors for each track type in the Preferences window.

To add more assignable track colors to Cubase, click the paint bucket icon in the toolbar at the top of the project window and then click “Project Colors”.

thank you Romantique Tp

its so easy: (select track, event or part then click default color)

thank you very much for the help! now all groups are brown :slight_smile: