Restore or copy tracks to new project (because of latency)


I have one project that has started having inacceptable latency on inputs (guitar/usb-keyboard).
I have tried removing all plugins. Without luck.

When I make a fresh new project and load it with many plugins, there is NO latency.
Same for all my other projects, where many has the same setup/plugins etc.
So, it seems this one project has the flu :wink:

How can I restore/heal/copy tracks etc. from this project?
(Cubase 8.5)

Is this an old project you are trying to open in a newer version of Cubase?

No. Made with 8.5, my current version.

I don’t think it’s my soundcard (Behringer UMC1820), but it could be, somehow.
Other projects have no latency, using same settings etc.

I missed a limiter plugin I had on the masterchannel.
By removing that completely, the latency problem was removed.
Guess I have to find an other limiter