Restore Purchases every time

I have to restore my IAP’s (Halion, Waves, Lofi Piano) every time I open Cubasis 3. This is annoying but also makes it so that I can’t work on previous sessions when I don’t have wifi as I can’t even restore my purchases. Is there a fix for this?
On iPad Pro 2020.

Also want to add that I saw a similar post from 2022 and the fix was to enable Apple iCloud option but I don’t see that option anywhere, how do I do that? And does it still fix the problem for offline use? I have enabled Cubasis in my iCloud settings but that has no effect on the issue.

don’t do anything icloud related when you need stuff offline, thats all i can say.

Hi @bonesofosiris

Here are a few questions and recommendations:

  1. Wenn you open the iOS Settings app, is your Apple ID with your name listed at the top?

  2. Is it the Apple ID that you used to purchase Cubasis?

  3. Tap your Apple ID, then tap “Media & Purchases”, and View Account. Is this also the same Apple ID that you used to purchase Cubasis?

Please keep us updated!