Restore Recorded Audio Files after Crash

I just upgraded to Version 9.5 and hoped that Wavelab is finally capable of restoring temporary audio files like Adobe Audition CC does flawlessly.
If OS (Win10/64bit) or Wavelab itself crashes during recording audio files or if it runs out of diskspace, all recorded files are lost. Makes no difference wether I record to named file or to temporary file.

When is this going to be addressed? Actually I prefer Wavelab over Audition and I do all recordings in Wavelab.

Has maybe anybody else found a way to restore recorded audio files that weren’t properly saved?

Thanks for looking into this.

It’s been a long time since I had anything like that happen, but WL normally would write a file during recording that can be recognized by the extension .$$$ instead of .wav. I guess it should be in your temporary folder.

Took a while to check, but when I change the temp file extension from .$$$ to .wav, all I get is noise - no matter what RAW-option I use. Again mishaps like this is managed by Audition much better I I urge Steinberg to implement this as well. I just filed a support ticket to address this - hopefully this is going to be changed in the near future.

A file with the .$$$ extension, should be opened with File > Import > Unknown Audio

I know, but the file only contains noise. No matter which option I choose.

I know, but the file only contains noise. No matter which option I choose.

It is very unlikely that the file contains noise.
In the dialog, you must use the file specs of the recorded file. If this is a temp file, this is a float 32 bit little endian file.

Just so you know, Philippe (PG) is the developer of Wavelab - fastest support ever simply through this forum. Now try that with Adobe :laughing:

Re Arjan P: thank you - I didn’t know that - forum support is really fast - great! Steinberg-support also answered quickly but rather disappointing: If the temp file cannot be imported it’s gone - sorry :frowning:
So I tried again with Philippe’s abovementioned options but now the file is silent - the recording is still gone

@Philippe: Is it possible to implement in a future release something that’s really foolproof and prevents recordings from being lost if someone makes an error like forgetting to check diskspace or battery level. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I note this for the future.

thank you very much.