Restore Rig - crackling after rendering

I installed the new 9.5.20 update to check out the improved Restore Rig. I just used the DeNoiser a little bit, rendered everything and now the final file has a lot of crackles. Anyone else experiencing this?

What is the source audio file? mono? what bit depth?

Hey PG,
it seems that this happens in a specific situation. Here’s what I did + some extra testing:

  • dragged original file (mono, 24bit) into a Cubase project - autoconverting it to 32bit

  • edited the file in WL via Edit in WL function

  • rendered with restore rig
    → crackles in both WL and Cubase

  • opened the original file directly in WL

  • rendered with restore rig
    → no crackles

  • opened the original file directly in WL

  • saved it as a 32bit file

  • rendered that new copy with restore rig
    → no crackles

This matches a problem that was identified two days ago. That is, WaveLab 9.5.20 reads badly certain 32 bit float mono files, and only this format. Not all files are concerned, this depends on the offset location of the samples in the file (two files can be legal, while having different sample offsets).

IOW, the RestoreRig is the not the origin of the problem.

Steinberg will release a 9.5.25 hot-fix to solve this problem before the end of this month.

In the mean time, I recommend you to use any format but “32 bit float mono”.
eg. 24 bit float mono or 64 bit float mono.


Perfect! Thanks a lot, PG!

Please download the 9.5.25 Update Patcher.

This 32b float issue also affects stereo files without restore rig or any plugg inns applied.
The update does not fix it.
Is anyone else having this problem?

This 32b float issue also affects stereo files without restore rig or any plugg inns applied.
The update does not fix it.

This 32b float issue is solved in 9.5.25. You must be encountering another problem. Please describe.

Here is the pattern.
Everyting working ok
Putting the final limiter on some 32f-441 tracks in the montage,
And everything starts crackling. Only using 1-2 pluggs on the clips (dmg& fabfilter ) bypassing the pluggs does not help.
Try increasing the buffer on the app and rme soundcard no good.
However the montage will play a rendered 16 bit copy of the same track. With no crackling
When i play the same files on another daw they play fine.
This previously happened after I tried the
Restore rig and then took it off the clip.

Running an i7 on windows 10-8 gb ram

Best Regards

@Pg Thanks for the tip,I had a chat with tier 2 support who were very helpful. I was told to change a folder name and that fixed it. Moral of the story keep a logg of ALL changes esp adding vst’s, they can still wreak havoc even if they are not engaged.
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