Restore soft licenser after computer erasing

Hello, I 'm a reseller of CONEQ software , this is a question some customer asked me… if one have a license on his Soft-Elicenser ( no dongle ) . What will happen if the computer is stolen, lost or one have to erase OS ?

One customer tried to insert the activation code but it tells that it has been used before and is not valid anymore .

Is there a way to reactivate previous licenses ( assuming customer do not own a licenser dongle or he do not have the chance to transfer license, robbed, crashed PC… )

Someone told me that customer can ask Steinberg an activation code reset , is that true ??

Regards !!


A re-activation of Soft-eLicenser protected products is done through the customer’s MySteinberg account.

Thank you for your quick answer !!

Have I to register activated product on My Steinberg ? consider that we’re talking of third party plugins that use Steinberg Elicenser protection.

How one can associate his licenser licenses to the mysteinberg account ??

Ahhh … I was assuming you were dealing with Steinberg product licenses. I guess I should have Googled “CONEQ” first, eh?

I have never dealt with eLicenser other than for Steinberg licenses.

Sorry, I probably can’t be of much more assistance.

Hello thankx for your answer, can you suggest me who I can ask more info about it ??

I suggest you send an email to Steinberg support.