Restore volume of channel before automation?

Hey guys,

Sometimes I by mistake press with the mouse of the volume line of a channel and then Cubase creates volume automation at the level I pressed, for example I by mistake press with the mouse on -30db then it will draw a point at -30db.

Then since it’s by mistake I want to undo, so I undo it, and the volume - will stay at -30db, even though before that mistake it was at a totally different level.

To my knowledge there’s no way to undo that mistake, In the history tab, I can’t get there, I just see the creating of volume automation. Also the history in the mix console (or ctrl+z) won’t help either. The previous volume is just gone.

At the moment I close the project and open a backup one to see what the volume was…

Can it be fixed in future versions please? It’s such a time waster, I’m sure it happens to more people, when you click around with the mouse you might do this by mistake, especially on group tracks where the volume automation is visible be default

Thanks a lot in advance!

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