RestoreRig renders total silence when trying to render selected audio in place

I’m assuming this is a bug?

RestoreRig renders total silence when trying to render “selected audio range” in place. I HAVE NOTICED THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN HIGHLIGHTING A VERY SHORT BIT OF AUDIO. If I select a longer range, it seems to render ok. For clicks though, I don’t want to render a long section… I only want to affect a very small area - enough to cover the click.

There is a clicking sound in someone’s master I would like to remove…

  1. Load RestoreRig into master section and tweak settings (I’m using only the declicker)
  2. In realtime when listening to the song - the click is gone - everything sounds great.
  3. I highlight just the area where the click happened with the time selection tool
  4. Go to render - and try to render “selected audio range” in-place
  5. Instead of the click being removed, the entire selected range has been silenced. No audio.

Thanks for the report, I can reproduce.
This being said, for a very small section to repair, you should better use the error correction ribbon tab.

Thanks PG! I just tried it using the correction tab, and for this particular click it worked great! I will use this method in the future for small errors/clicks. Awesome! :slight_smile:

Yeah, for single clicks up to 2 ms the error correction has always been pretty good.