I have been a Wavelab Essentials user for +10 years & have recently upgraded to Wavelab Elements 11.

I have been digitising my LP collection in Version 6.5 and was completely satisfied with the results of the “VST-Declicker” in 6.5. What “RestoreRig” in Verision 11 does - surprisingly enough after 10 years of developlent - is more than disspointing. Either (according to the settings of the controls) no effect at all on clicks or massive distortions after rendering.

Maybe I am doing it wrongly, but I didn’t find any Hints on how tu use this thing correctly. (the old one was easy and effective - what happened to it? is there a way to use the old declicker in the new software at least - frankly I was expecting some improvments from 6.1 - not the opposite…)