Restoring Cubasis from backup

I foolishly deleted Cubasis from my iPad. However before I deleted Cubasis, I backed everything up using iTunes Filesharing. After I reinstalled Cubasis, I eagerly wanted to put all my ‘backed up’ files back into the app but I can find no way to do it in one clean swoop. What am I doing wrong? Is there a ‘restore button’ I’m missing? The ‘add’ button in Filesharing simply wants to add a file and not a folder which means you have to import each one separately without its own Audio Folder. When you do import the audio file it doesn’t put it back in the same spot as before. What exactly am I not getting here? Can anyone help, please?

Ok, so obviously those reading my dilemma are stumped too and no-one has a solution. That is disconcerting seeing that Cubasis is such a great app and currently my main form of creating and arranging. Can someone at Steinberg please help me here? I need my original files back. It’s as simple as that. I have all the files and I simply want to put them back where they were. Is my iTunes version outdated or what? When I try to ‘add’ a file in Filesharing it won’t take a folder, only a file. This means it will put the song back for me but without its Audio folder. If I do put the audio back, it doesn’t put it in that file’s Audio folder but instead dumps it in the general Audio folder in Cubasis. Even if I try to put my Mixed versions back, it will not put them in the Mixed folder on Cubasis but again dumps them in the general Audio folder. Surely a manual that says one should back up all the files in Filesharing before deleting the app must also say what one has to do to restore those files? Otherwise what is the use of backing up anything if it’s going to be such an issue? Maybe I simply am missing something small here and I can accept that as long as I can get my files back into Cubasis. Can anyone help? Someone smart from Steinberg, can you do something for me and many others I’m sure?


Did you select Cubasis in the file sharing before drag-and-dropping? Also, the zip files should be dragged to the folder Cubasis Documents.