restoring default master pages?

hi – I was doing some mucking around on a master page set and inadvertently made some changes on the First master page that I’d love to get rid of.

Is there a way to restore the default (i.e. factory default) first and default master page settings?


No, I don’t believe so. Your best bet would be to open a new document and compare measurements side-by-side to restore your project to match it.

Just inadvertently did the same.

'm “mucking around” for the first time with Engraving, having spent my efforts so far with Setup, Write and Play Mode. Now I want to get a hymn that spreads over two pages to match it’s presentation in a hymnal. I need to start looking at Engraving videos so I don’t break things working by trial and error. So far it’s more error than results!

It seems it should be so simple to create empty space in page one and then move one of the page two staves into that space. All I learned was that I don’t understand the conceptual "frame"work yet (pun intended).

The main Engraving tutorial video playlist on YouTube dates back to 2017. Is there a better place to start from bedrock but not mislead as to the current state of things?

Do you have a backup from before the “mucking around”?

From other projects, not this one. That’s not a big deal.

Are you saying I can open such a file, take the Master Page settings which would be prior to my changes, and save them as the new default Master Page?

You can export and import master pages and master page sets, yes.

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Ah, great. That solves the problem. Thanks!

I’m quoting my own post to make sure the question in it does not get lost in the shuffle above.

Yes, the fundamentals of Engrave mode haven’t changed.

Got it, thanks Daniel.

I am sure I can safely speak for all when I say how much we appreciate your active and helpful presence on the forum. I will add that I admire it.

Dear pianoleo, could you explain please how do I export/import MasterPage Settings?
My Projekt has 23 flows. It is a Book. I was changing a First and Default Masterpage to achieve what I would like to but I see now, it would be the best way just to start with default settings again. How do I revert this project to default setting again?
Thank you

I don’t know that you can revert, but what you can do is

  1. Start a new project - this will have factory default master pages.
  2. Export the master page sets from this project.
  3. Import these master pages into your existing project.
  4. Go to Layout Options > Page Setup > Master Pages. Select the relevant layout(s) in the right panel (you’ll need to do parts and scores separately). Set the Master Page Set, apply and close.