Restoring profile not working

Hello everyone,

I tried to revert to an older saved profile, but it didn’t do anything. For example in my saved profile the status line was not present but after restoring, I can still see it. In short it didn’t restore anything

Is this just a bug?



Did you import it, enabled it and then restarted Cubase, please?

Hello Martin

I just switched to it: selected it and activated it

Then resterated Cubase, yes, now it’s seems to be selected, but my settings are still the default ones.

To create the current one (“23-12-21”), I duplicated my default settings (when they were good), I didn’t use the import/export function at all. Did I do it the wrong way? I thought duplicating and activating is the way to go


So how did you get the profile to Cubase then?

Btw, did you restart your original Cubase (where did you export the profile from) before you export it? The logic is following:

  • Make the settings.
  • Quit Cubase, this will store all settings to the Preferences folder.
  • Start Cubase and export the profile. This reads the data from the preferences folder and stores all the settings to the profile file.

Hi Martin

I don’t understand, why do I need to use export and import? I do it all in the same machine, I just want to revert to older settings.

I restarted Cubase many times, and had my favorite settings in palce, then I just created a new profile.
Now that my settings were ruined (because Cubase tends to not respond when I quit it, so from time to time it ruins my settings), I activated it, it didn’t change anything.

Did I do something wrong?
Again I didn’t use the import/export

Thanks again in advance
I did everything inside the same machine, I just want to revert to older settings, and yes I restarted Cubase many times


Sorry, I didn’t know, you do it all in the same machine.

So your way should be:

  • Make your settings in Cubase.
  • Restart Cubase.
  • Save the Profile (to do so, you have to Export it).

Oh I see I didn’t know you have to export to save
Alright thanks!