Hi,i have some string samples from an old disco tune,they are not the best quality,is there anything in cubase 6 that could make them sound better or any techniques people use.

HI Gunny,

I noticed your post sitting out here with zero replies. (I can only assume that your use of the word “disco” frightened anyone under 35 away) :wink: (kidding)

I’d love to help, but to answer your question I guess I’d need to know what sort of restoration they need? Are the tracks too soft? too loud?

Is it the Signal to Noise ratio that’s come up too high?

Are there pops and clicks from the vinyal transfer? :wink:

We run both Cubase and Wave Lab where I work so we should be able to come up with something for you!

…Assuming its not a mirror-ball or shag-carpet issue. :laughing: (sorry… I’ll be nice now I PROMISE!)



Hi walt,the only way i could describe them is a muffled kind of sound,it is from an original salsoul track and is from a sample pack so there are no vinyl issues,they are just the original strings recorded in the 70’s

which sample pack out of curiosity?

I thought the whole point of using vintage samples was to recreate “that feel” by using samples with “that sound”?
So I wouldn’t try to change much.

Without knowing the specific sample, I suppose you’re just hearing the difference between analog vs digital recording, which probably means: less dynamic range and less (definition in) higher frequencies. Those are the points I’d work on, expand the dynamics and EQ the highs. As a last resort: overdub with a modern string library & try to mix it in, maybe EQ-ing the lows& mids all the way down.

By the way: yes I’m over 35 :slight_smile: