Rests after creating 2nd voice

Hi everybody,
how can I hinder DP4 from creating rests where they are not needed? (See jpg)

I created a 2nd voice 50 bars away from this piont, so there are hundreds of rests that must manually delete by “Remove rests”.
I tried “Taktpausen auslassen” in Partieoptionen and “Beginnt Stimme” in the options, but that doesn’t work…

Yours Peter

The trick is to use the primary voice for the 50 bars in between. Whatever your single voice is before that - probably Upstem Voice 1. If you turn on Voice Colors it’ll become obvious that for that 50 bars you’ve inadvertently used an additional voice rather than the primary voice. Easily fixed by selecting the whole passage > right clicking > Voices > Change Voice etc.

Note that you can achieve it now by simply selecting the notes and pressing v (with notes colours on, you’ll know what you’re doing)

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Thanks a lot!!