Rests and Voice Column Index

Hello team:
I would like to request that the voice column index property be extended to rests. I have a bit of an issue: I have two rests in voice 2 that need to be bumped to column 2, and while I can adjust note heads in voices 1 & 3, there is no option to bump rests to a new column independently. Sadly, even adjusting the voice column X offset of the rests moves the whole column (including both notes).

Anyone have any ideas in the meantime?

dorico 1.PNG

Can you nudge the rests with Note Spacing in Engrave mode? Select the square blob above each of them and hopefully a small circular blob will appear immediately next to each rest. Grab that then Alt+arrow.

The problem is they are all in the same voice column since I cant make the rests into column 1 (from 0). That will move all three “notes” together.

The only thing I can think of is to make the note heads a new column and then stretch them backwards.

I don’t expect we will allow rests to be moved into a different voice column in the near future. As long as the note and the rest are in separate voice columns (i.e. rest in 0, voice in 1), then you can get the result you want by nudging the round handles in Engrave mode.

Nice to have the definitive answer. Glad my hunch was correct. Thank you, Daniel.