rests at beginning of piece

this is teasing me a lot and I can’t see a reason for it:
If you look at the attached example (no real world example …), Dorico is filling up only the bar, where the 2nd voice comes in, with rests, even if the 2nd voice is not set to begin a voice and the notations option is set to show bar rests in empty bars for pausing voices. As you can see, it doesn’t matter, which voice comes in first.
I really would prefer, if Dorico would fill in rests by default here!

When the peace starts on the first beat, I can just add a bar rest in the first bar, and all the bar in between will be filled as well. But in this situation with the pickup bar, I always have to enter the rest with force duration, to been shown correctly in the pickup bar. Does someone have a quicker method?
Rests at the beginning of a (630 KB)

A voice can start wherever you like. If you want it to start with rests, you need to be explicit, but this way may be quicker than what you’re currently doing:

But as you can see in your example, Dorico creates bar rests in the pickup bar, which is wrong!

That is more Sibelius like … :slight_smile:

Fine, so do Shift-B Rest where you actually want it.

I want correct rests from the very beginning of the piece!

If you create a pickup bar in Dorico, every staff gets a correct rest in the pickup bar (unlike Sibelius). Why not getting correct rests in voice 2 as well?

Sorry, I’ve misunderstood your point. No, there isn’t a quicker way of getting the correct rest in the pickup bar than adding it with Force Duration.

I think Dorico assumes that you don’t want a voice to appear until you actually start writing pitches in it. Strict contrapuntal writing is perfectly valid, of course, but it’s the exception rather than the norm.

Thank you, pianoleo. I was (again) in doubt, if I am able to describe my point in English. I am really trying hard and don’t write fast …
Dorico is a very logical program. If I want to see rests in a 2nd voice, the options work perfect in between different parts of the piece and at the end of the piece. Also, the start and end voice properties work perfect. Only at the beginning of a piece, the property “start voice” and the option “show bar rests in additional voices” (translated from German) are not working in the same logical way - at least in my opinion. I really would be glad, if this could be changed. Would save me a lot of time, because most of my work is writing music with two independant voices on one staff.

In measure 2, turn on “Force position and duration” (in the properties panel) of the half-note rest, then (alt-click) copy it to the pickup measure.