Rests closer to beams?

Is there a setting somewhere in Engraving Options which will influence rests to be closer to a beam when in the middle of a beam group? (In the first picture Dorico by default places the rest basically at position 8 or so, but position 6 would be more natural to my eye, and manually changing the position of every rest in an opera is out of the question)

Within Engraving Options>Notes>Stems there’s the following menu, but nothing seems to influence rest position in the middle of a beam group, only at the start or end.

Anything lingering in some submenu I haven’t wandered across yet?

No, I don’t believe there are at present any engraving options to influence this decision.

I don’t think there is a setting, but in my view that position is standard engraving practice, and looks fine to me. Just my two cents worth.