Rests for Upper Voice Being Placed Below the Staff


I have a simple drum score with a kick drum (voice 1 , stems down) and a snare drum (voice 2, stems up). For some reasons Cubase is putting the voice 2 rests BELOW the staff (highlighted yellow) rather than in the staff as I would expect (marked in blue).

Any ideas how to change this? The Rests-Show and Rests-Centre options are not clickable/settable for me.

This is because the voices of your lower and your upper notes in your staff seem to be inverted.
In this example, I guess the F is set to voice 1 and the C notes are in voice 2.

You can see this in your Polyphonic mode by checking the stems direction.

So correct the notes voices in your score, and set the stems in Voice 1 to “Up” and “Down” in voice 2 in Polyphonic settings.

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Thanks so much Maestro, you we’re exactly correct. The rests are in a much more reasonable location now.

You are welcome.
Glad that your problem is solved.