Rests hidden in score but not in part

EDIT: For anyone who stumbles on this: since posting two weeks ago, I learned a far-better work-around for creating empty bars with chord symbols: create a bar repeat region, set the “Custom scale” property to 1%, and set the Count Frequency at least one bar longer than your blank-bar region (to hide the numbers).

Result: the bar repeats will be hidden, leaving the bars empty, but retaining their width.

Original post:

I want to hide some rests.

I understand that to do this, they must be implicit rests, and I must select “ends voice” for the last note preceding the rests I want to hide.

I also understand that explicit rests can be turned into implicit rests by selecting them and hitting “delete”.

I’ve done this, and in the score, all the rests I want hidden are hidden.

However, in the part, some are hidden and some are visible.

I’ve tried multiple times deleting the explicit rests in the part, but it just doesn’t work.

See the attached screen shots, which show the same bars in the score and part (except the score starts one bar earlier).

What to do?

Dorico 3.5
Big Sur 11.5.1

The issue is that if the only thing in a bar is a chord symbol on the first beat, Dorico treats the bar as a multi-bar rest (albeit one that’s only a single bar long). The rest you see in the part isn’t the real rest you’ve removed in the score; it’s the visual padding shown in any multi-bar rest.

You could turn off multi-bar rest consolidation for this part layout, from Layout Options.

If you need multibar rests elsewhere in that part, report back and someone will think of a hacky workaround.

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In Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests, there is a checkbox labelled Show bar rests in empty bars. Try checking and unchecking that to see what effect it has. Don’t forget to click on Apply.

That’ll certainly work. My (mistaken?) assumption was that the OP wished to retain bar rests in some bars.

If Show bar rests in empty bars is activated, is it still possible to have a bar rest showing by making it an explicit rest?

Have you tried using the command Remove Rests?

Remove Rests is just a shortcut for setting the Starts Voice and Ends Voice properties, which the OP certainly has done.

I’ve explained why those properties aren’t working, and I know for sure that Remove Rests won’t have a different effect here.

Ah, OK. I’m not always aware of inter-relationships such as that.

Thanks very much, Leo!

I had wondered if it might have something to do with chord symbol attachment, but since some bars with chord symbols didn’t have the issue, I didn’t give it much thought.

After seeing your post, I checked and indeed, in bars where the rests are hidden, the chord symbols are attached after beat 1.

It would be nice if there were some visual indication that a rest is being used as “padding” - perhaps showing it grayed out with a different color tint.

It would also be nice to see the precise rhythmic location where items are attached - or is this already possible and I just don’t know about it?

My solution was to simply drag the chord symbols half a beat later. If needed, I can move them back to the left in Engrave mode without affecting the attachment point.

I didn’t need to turn off multi-bar rest consolidation, but I could have - I don’t need it in this file. Good to know it’s another possibility.

Thanks again!