rests in 3/4 time

Please tell where to find the option to allow “quarter note / half rest” instead of “quarter note / quarter rest / quarter rest” in 3/4 time.

That’s technically not the “right” way to display rests in 3/4. I don’t believe Dorico includes this as a native option. Half rests should not be used in 3/4.

You’d need to use Force Duration, I think. (I’ve been wrong before)

Dan is correct that it’s really not great practice to use half rests in 3/4. I’d also recommend strongly against it, but of course if you want an easy way to do it automatically, simply enter the time signature as [1+2]/4.

Too bad no notation app has licensed the Gould as a searchable pdf file. That would be something.

That would certainly be something. Then again, I imagine a significant percentage of users here have it within arms reach. All you really need to do to learn what Gould has to say about something is to ask how to accomplish something that’s not good practice.

Reminds me of this:

Person A: Hey, do you know what time it is?

Person B: Dunno, hand me that trombone.

Person A: What’s the trombone for?

Person B: ridiculous blaring glissando

Across the street: Who is playing the trombone at 2 in the morning?!?!

An oldie but goodie — wasn’t expecting that so early in the morning. Thanks for the laugh.