Rests in Condensing

At the moment, one can’t edit rests in condensed music. I have attached a short excerpt of a piece I have to edit at the moment. The rests in Trombone (Posaune) 1 really look odd. Perhaps someone find’s a setting that I have missed …

(Changing the way the music is condensed is not an option.)

Rests in condensed music.dorico (1.1 MB)

I haven’t looked at your project but I saw this thread the other day for some reason:

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Yeah, lack of control of rest position in condensing is a real problem, and one without a great workaround. I also brought it up in this thread too, and the images from that further demonstrate the issue:

The misalignment in yours looks pretty bad too:

I’d love to see this issue prioritized in D6 whenever it arrives, as it was the one thing I just couldn’t correct for in that large ballet project I was working on. (The San Francisco Ballet premiered it last night!)