Rests in cue

A Trombone cue in a Timpani part. The rest positioning surely cannot be intended from Dorico’s side? Is there at setting to control this, or do I have to tweak them manually? I think all the quarter rests could stay at the same level here.

Settings for vertical positioning of rests are “Consider rest in multiple bars” and “Consider only notes and rests at the same position”. But this maybe not apply for cues?

Another example:

Here it seems as if the rests want to follow the curvature of the melodic line, is that right? The two first rests do not disturb so much, but I would like the 8th and 4r rests aligned for sure.

Not a big thing, but lots and lots of adjustments to do with a large scale orchestra piece.

I agree that those results are not too pretty, and it would be good if Dorico had some additional capabilities to produce a better result by default.


Instead of starting a new thread I will follow up with something related.

When adjusting rests in cues like above, one has to be very careful to make sure that “Show local only” is activated . Otherwise the rest will move in the source player’s part as well. Not totally obvious to me, I supposed it should be enough with “Set local properties: Locally” (which of course does not suffice).