Rests in divisi mid-bar

I have a divisi split in the middle of a bar. One player keeps going, the other is silent for a bit. I’m getting a whole bar rest in the silent part, even though it’s also showing notes before the split.

How can I just get the remaining rests in the lower staff, rather than a whole bar rest? I’m getting a similar problem at the Restore Unison. I can remove the whole bar rest, but then I get no rest for the first beat of the bar.

Screenshot 4.png
Screenshot 3.png

What does it look like if you turn on Voice Colors?

Ah: the rests throughout the 2nd part are red. Even with no music between the Divisi flag and the Unison flag.

It sounds to me as though you’ve inadvertently switched the primary voice in at least one of the staves. Do a “change voice” (to the primary voice, whether that’s Upstem Voice 1 or Downstem Voice 1) on the preceding material and the rests should disappear, I think.

No: the music before the split is all Up-stem 1. Furthermore, if I look at the Change Voices menu, only the Up-stem 1 voice is listed.

If I remove the Divisi, there’s no 2nd voice red colour anywhere. Re-creating the Divisi mid-bar brings the 2nd voice rests. And adding a 3rd staff to the split brings green rests on the third staff, but still no new voices listed. I presume that Divisi uses ‘hidden’ voices to organise the data somehow. (Moving or copying music into each staff changes it to the relevant colour.)

Can anyone else get just the ‘partial’ number of rests to appear in the bar after the Divisi flag (and before the Unison one)?

I’ve had a chance to play with it now.
Like you, by default, if I have Divisi changes mid-bar, I get the following:

All I’ve done here is turned on Force Duration, entered appropriate rests, then used Edit > Remove Rests to get rid of the unnecessary ones.

Bingo! I’d got so used to just not entering rests, I didn’t think of that!

Many thanks, Leo.