Rests in Pick up bar

How do you add rests in a pick up bar that did not generate them automatically?
I imported a midi file and it shows the notes, but skipped the rests in the pick up line for the left hand staff of this piano piece.
The help did not help at all with it’s explanation. I’ve done what it states to do to input rests, but it either doesn’t show after the procedure, or it creates a new measure before or after the pick up bar.
This is what I have before trying to write in the rests; 2 quarter note rests or a half note rest.
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 2.55.46 PM.png
What am I missing?

Select the first visible note/rest in the bottom staff, then turn off its “Starts Voice” property.

So in Dorico 3.5 I had to write in 2 quarter notes. Then delete the first one, select the quarter note rest, activate the “force position & duration” in Notes & Rests bottom menu. Turn off the start voice.
Only then could I delete the second quarter note and repeat the bottom menu choices again.
That gives me 2 quarter note rests in the pick up bar.
Is this what I should have to do in order to achieve the result wanted?

Did you first add the meter as 7/4,2?

Yes, I did add the meter as 7/4,2.
When doing that, it set up the pick up bar, but no rests in bottom staff. It also added a double bar line at the beginning of the flow, which I had to figure out how to delete.

Can the problems I’m having be related to the midi file I’m importing?
I have tuplets that I quantized in Logic, before exporting and then importing into Dorico.
Having seemingly “fixed” the pick up bar issues, and then worked on the first complete measure of the piece, now in the second measure the left and right hand parts seem to be shifted amongst themselves. Example: I cleaned up the right hand part the included a 5 & a 7 tuples. The left had which does quarter note chords then is shifted by about a 16th of note duration. When trying to fix it, the only way was to go into engrave mode and manually move the chords to aline them with the right hand part.
Funny thing then, the right and left parts, after this editing, continue to be off beat from each other, and when trying to fix the duration of notes, it doesn’t aline the way I need them to.
Make sense

Whoah! Don’t try and realign these notes in Engrave mode! Definitely definitely do this in Write mode. You can add and remove beats anywhere by invoking the caret on the relevant stave, typing Shift-B then e.g. +1q Enter (to add a quarter/crotchet), -3e Enter (to remove three eighths/quavers). You can also use Insert mode.

I’ll repeat, do not do this in Engrave mode.

MIDI files don’t really “understand” pickup bars, so you may end up with all the barlines in the wrong places. You can fix that by deleting the imported time signatures and re-creating them. You might also have some unwanted rests at the start of the music.

However it looks as if Dorico has not correctly quantized the tuplets, and all the notes have finished up “off the beat”.

Nudging the notation left or right in Engrave mode is the wrong way to try to fix this, but from the screen shot it is hard to guess what the correct notation is supposed to be, and we can’t see what the Dorico notation looked like before you tweaked it.

If you attach a screen shot of the correct notation (can you display that in a score editor in Logic?) and post the MIDI file here (you need to zip it up to do that) somebody should be able to give you a step by step guide to fixing it.

OK. I’ll try both your suggestions.
Thank you.