Rests not showing when adding new bar to beginning of flow

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can’t figure it out. My end goal is to add a pickup to some pre-existing music which doesn’t have a pickup measure. But every time I try to add a bar, it creates a measure without any rests. Can’t figure out why! Probably should know this by now…I’ve been using Dorico since v1 :wink: Thanks in advance for the help.! Below is a video of the problem.
pickup problem|video

I would hazard a guess that the first note has the property “Starts voice” activated, which hides rests before it - including bar rests and therefore Dorico has nothing inside the bar to space it, making it narrow.

If you want to add a pick-up bar (i.e. only a few beats, not a whole bar), you can instead input a time signature with a pick-up bar and shift music back a beat afterwards by selecting the first note (now inside the pick-up bar), pressing Shift-B and entering the number of beats in the pick-up (e.g. for a pick-up bar of one quarter note beat, enter 1q)

Starts Voice! That was it. Thank you Lillie. I didn’t know about that property.