Rests & slashes in drum parts

Hi, everyone. How can I hide/remove these rests in drum parts?
There are some posts from 2018 but I didn’t find a solution.
I am on latest Dorico 3.5


Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 10.38.42 AM

Rest management in percussion is still very difficult and needs to be handled carefully. Obviously you’ve discovered Remove Rests doesn’t work in percussion staves. Notation Options/Percussion/“Do not pad voice with rests” may be helpful if you haven’t activated that option. John Barron did a really good Discover Dorico session on Drum Lead Sheets last fall which may be helpful if you haven’t already seen it:

In all honesty, most of the time I’ve given up trying to use percussion staves for drum set notation. When playback is needed, I use a percussion staff that I hide in the score (and don’t care what it looks like), then just use a regular staff with a percussion clef for display, so I can use the full capability of Dorico’s editing tools in order for it to appear exactly as I want in the score and drum part. That may be a workaround for you too if you can’t accomplish what you need in a percussion staff.

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Good advice on hiding the playback staff. That’s how I used to do it in Finale. Music/parts for publication need to look clear and perfect (if there’s such a thing).