Result columns keep reseting on boot

Hi Guys,

When i open cubase and go to mediabay on the right i set up my search results how i like it but every time i boot cubase again the results are back to the initial settings. This is pretty annoying to do this every time i boot cubase :frowning:.
I already had this issue since cubase 10 so i did a clean install of cubase 11 but the issue is still here.
Anyone encountered the same issue or can point me in a good direction to fix this?
Thanks in advance.


It works to me here (both Cubase 10.5 and Cubase 11).

If you had the same issue on Cubase 10 already, I would recommend to backup and trash all your Cubase preferences. Then start Cubase 11, now it would work.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase _X__64

I have the same problem on 2 computers: Windows and mac. I had this problem since Cubase 10 on all the os released from then until now, including Big Sur


Have you tried to trash Cubase preferences, as I suggested, please?

Is any other Cubase settings stored when you quit and restart Cubase?

I have tried even a clean install of cubase and os. This happens when I try to add “data created” or “data modified” as a media rack column. Try it yourself!


It works even with the “Data Created” and “Data Modified” here to me. I’m sorry…

Thank you. just to be sure:

I go to media rack. I open my favourites folder (where I keep my fav sample folders). I choose one from the list. I have the list with all the samples (with details like rating, key, tempo and author----I believe is the default one). I choose from the list to see also data created. it show and works. I close cubase. I open again everything. The data created column is not there anymore.

Not on the 3 filter columns but on the column where I have the list with all the samples. You confirm that is working for you? for me doesn’t work on 2 totally different machines, since a later version of CUBASE PRO. THANKS again!


I try to follow your steps exactly and it still does work for me here. Even though I’m not sure what do you mean by:

Could you maybe make a video screen recording, please?

Please, be aware the settings is kept unique for every single folder. So if you change the 1st column settings in the “Show All Results” page, it will not change the result in your Favourite > ABC folder. The 1st column in the Favourite > ABC will still be the default. And if you change the settings in the Favourite > ABC, your Favourite > XYZ folder will show the default settings until you change it.

Is this, what you are asking for?

Hello and thank you again for your answer. I recorded my screen and I attached a dropbox link with the video (I couldn’t uploaded here because it has around 200mb). Again I had and have this problem with this on Mac and windows, after I deleted the preferences, I’ve cleaned install cubase, windows or OS.

Video screenshot link:


Oh, I see, you mean the Result list… (Now!) I know, it’s the very 1st later of the title of this post… I’m sorry.

OK, then I can confirm, this is a bug. This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

:+1: perfect!