Resurrecting Groove Agent ONE (macOS)

I just loaded up a three year old project in Cubase 9 to find it complaining about missing Groove Agent ONE; I thought that was a bit odd, until I checked and just discovered that it seems to have been removed from Cubase from version 8 onwards.

Sure, we have Groove Agent SE, but that’s no good if you have an old project that used ‘ONE’, and I really do have a problem with unnecessarily removing old plugins from upgrades because really what’s the point? I got burned during the Apple transition to Intel as I used to heavily use the amazing sounding ‘Tonic’ filter a lot in the past only to find out it didn’t survive the transition due to ‘licensing reasons’ and would no longer work since the demise of Rosetta as it’s PowerPC only. This caused me to focus on third party plugins rather than being at Steinberg’s licensing mercy or whims if a built-in plugin I rely on becomes a casualty of upgrading.

In this case fortunately one can simply fish the Groove Agent ONE VST out of the Cubase 7.5 application itself (right click on the actual app → ‘Show Contents’ → navigate to VST3) then simply copy the VST into your /Library/Audio/Plugins/VST3 folder and restart C9.

I guess it’s about not wanting to support it any more as they do at least still offer it for download.
Using 3rd party plugs is no guarantee of keeping things working either. it’s software, it gets updated, o/s get updated, hosts get updated along the way there are casualties. It still beats pulling out a 24 track tape, needing to bake it and then mix the song from scratch as a recall method. :mrgreen:

Perhaps I’m getting jaded in my old age but I’m actually surprised there is a KB article about this.

I suppose it’s in my nature to find my own solutions before I go looking.

I guess you will have to go back to 7.5 and export an audio file or files to use in 9 (apart from Tonic!). I have had to do that with 32 bit stuff I have used in earlier versions of Cubase.