Resurrecting old projects


I have old Cubase project files (.cpr and .csh files) dating back as far as 2002. Is it possible to open these in Logic Pro or Reason? If not, is there a version of Cubase I can buy that will convert/export these projects?



Hi Simon
I think it highly unlikely that you can convert a whole project for export to a totally different platform, but I have a suggestion for a more long-winded process that will achieve the same result, in a limited fashion.

If you bounce down each individual track in every Cubase project, so that they all start at zero, you can simply open them all in whatever platform you choose and they will all sync up. Of course, unless you bounced them with all the fx and automation from Cubase still active (which means any fx and automation will now be set in stone) you will have to remix each project, but at least you will have rescued it.

I have had to change from using Logic 5 to using Cubase, with a lot of unfinished projects from the old system that need to be finished using the new set-up. So, before the old computer died completely, I managed to mix out the individual tracks from Logic and can now continue to work on those projects in Cubase …time consuming, but better than losing the projects! Good luck.