Retain selection after failed move/duplicate to staff above/below

A very minor improvement request!

I frequently use ‘duplicate to staff below’ to copy lines of lyrics in choral scores. My usual workflow is to enter the stuff on the top staff, then hit ‘duplicate to below’ a few times to fill up the other parts. (Then I can go through and make small tweaks for rhythm variations and so on.)

I feel like I do this often, but seemingly not often enough to reliably remember which of the two slightly arcane keyboard shortcuts (above/below) is which. As a result, I’m forever pressing the shortcut for ‘duplicate to staff ABOVE’ when there is no staff above. What can I say… none of us is getting any younger.

When I make this mistake, Dorico’s behaviour is to do nothing (of course) but also to instantly deselect my selection. This is annoying because I then have to make the selection all over again. If it’s a complex selection involving filters, as lyric selection often is, this is quite laborious – especially if it distracts me so much that I’ve again forgotten which shortcut to press by the time I’ve finished!

Long story short: please could Dorico retain the selection when the user inputs an incorrect command? That would save me actually quite a lot of time, and make me feel a bit less stupid. Thank you!

Type Cmd/Ctrl-Z - Undo - and you should find that your selection comes back.


It never occurred to me that I could undo what was essentially a null command. Thank you for the tip! My feature request stands, but I guess it just got even less urgent.

(Chances that I remember this tip next time it happens…?0

Somewhere here someone recently noticed that N stands for north (above).
That means M would be the other one. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have found that helpful.

North and mouth. Obvious when you think about it. Thanks.

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Thanks for the request Toby. I agree, the selection shouldn’t change if an edit didn’t actually do anything. I’ll change this for a future release.

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