Retaining (Mixed) Fonts/Styles when Copying/Pasting

If not already available (which I can’t find or make happen), it would be very handy for Dorico to be able to retain mixed fonts and/or styles when copying/pasting between staff and system text blocks.


As an example, when I’m sketching ideas, I often label each with text blocks that include:

  • Academico Regular 12(-ish) pt.
  • Academico Regular subscript
  • Encercle Sans HX2 16 pt.*

I’ve defined the Encercle parameters as a Character Style so I can more quickly fix them when copying and pasting, but I still have to select each string between the “/” dividers plus the two subscripts later in the text string.

Having all of the varied typographic info be paste-able would obviously be a big time-saver.

*Encercle is a very cool font by Typodermic Fonts that allows multiple characters to be enclosed in geometric shapes. (The inside of the shapes can even be colored.)


Unfortunately this isn’t possible, and isn’t likely to be possible in the near future, but we know it would be useful and we would like to make it possible at some stage.


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