Retaining the title of a track when importing wav files

Is it possible to retain the title of a track when importing wav files? Specifically, on a typical project, I usually import about 30 wav files (exported from Finale) into Cubase Pro 12 and create an equal number of audio track with them. I then manually type titles on each track (flute 1, flute 2, etc.). There has to be a way of Cubase automatically putting the title of the wav file onto the corresponding audio tracks. Would someone please tell me how to do that? Thanks!

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If Cubase creates a new Audio track for the imported file, it will name the track accordingly. So if you have no Audio tracks in the project, or no Audio track has been selected while import, it will create a new Audio track and name it the same as the audio file has been named.


Thanks for the help! I recently upgraded to Cubase Pro 12 (from Cubase 6!). Sometimes, the audio file titles automatically transfer to the track titles, but not always and I don’t know what causes it. In particular, I had a recent project where the first 20 or 30 tracks, which I imported all in one batch, titled just fine. But, the next day, when I added a dozen more tracks, it was like the Cubase 6 days; I had to title the tracks manually. Actually, the tracks were there from the first day, I just added the other audio files in a later session.

I’m sure I’m doing or not doing something that causes it not to work. I get the same results whether I file/import or drag and drop the files into Cubase, or whether I split channels. I’m guessing it’s a setting or a procedure that I’m doing wrong. I’d appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Cubase doesn’t rename already existing track.