Retake shortcut for pedal not possible on German Keyboard

I can’t use the " ^ " sign as shortcut on my German keyboard layout. It’s not accepted by Dorico.
So I used the Shift-^ as replacement but the other one I would prefer because I would then use this combination of Shilft-^ for delete retake.

I’m not sure what exactly you’re reporting here, René. Are you trying to assign ^ as a key command in the Key Commands page of Preferences, or are you trying to enter it into the Shift+P popover, or something else?

Hi Daniel,
the one problem is that I can’t use this sign for the shortcut on my keyboard. It is not accepted by Dorico similar to
the ´ sign when I hit the key in the shortcut window nothing happens.
That’s why I use so far the Shift-^ which gives me an ° here on my keyboard.

The other problem:
When I input the ^ sign in the popover and then hit return in order to get out of the popover Dorico inputs a 2nd ^ sign instead of quitting the popover window.

Hope this is clearer.

Just another thing that happened to me. By accident I hit the plus sign which is here on the same key as the asterix * for ending the pedal sign in the popover and I got a plus sign + over the selected note. Is this intended? I can select the + and with Alt-arrow I can move it between notes.


To answer your last point first, yes, + is a brass mute, and it’s what I would expect to be created if you type “+” into the Shift+P popover.

I think I understand the original problem now, though: you want to assign ^ in the Key Commands page of Preferences, and you cannot. I assume this is because on a German keyboard this is a “dead” key, like several other keys that produce diacritics rather than entire characters. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about this at the moment.

I see. Thanks.

Hopefully some day in future… :wink:

What about the other problem that I can’t use the sign in the popover either. Can I use another sign for this instead?
Because now I can’t input a retake by means of the popover.

There’s nothing you can do about that for now if you simply can’t type that character, so I will add “retake” and “notch” as terms you can type into the popover for the forthcoming minor update.

I see.

The strange thing is that when I use the ^ sign in the popover it is displayed there which looks correct but hitting the return key then gives me two ^^. So it seems as if the ^ sign is recognized in the popover somehow. :astonished:

ReiRei, you might be able to work around that. On a german keyboard, the ^ character is a dead key, so as you press it, the operating system will combine it with the following character.

In the popover, hit ^, then the number 1 (^1 will then appear). Then delete the 1, press enter to confirm.

Stefan, thanks for the reply.
I found out that hitting ^ followed by spacebar works also. But his way I don’t have do delete the suggested 1.