Retina Display Macbook Pro

I am so disappointed that I cannot utilize the beauty of my display with Cubase 7. What a disappointment…

Aloha k,

I am just about to upgrade my old Macbook (see sig)
to a new MBP Retina but now you have me worried.

Does C7 not work at all or is it that it just looks bad.

I can deal with the looking bad part but not the not working part.

Any thoughts?


I would imagine it’s the existing issue.

It works fine. Just looks like garbage in comparison to other apps that are retina compatible.

Good thing there are not many fonts to read in cubase, I hope steinberg supports retina and full screen osx style soon

Thanks for that.
In a week or two I will pull the trigger.
I won’t be using any other apps on it so I am hoping
to never know just how bad it is.

As long as it sounds good.
tanx again