Retina support

Good evening everyone!
If someone here has a 5K/Retina display, I’d like to see how cubase looks on it. Been thinking about getting myself a 5K iMac but since there is no information about retina support anywhere on the steinberg website, I’d like to make sure it will actually be in retina resolution.

Btw, I contacted steinberg directly to ask this question. I managed to get them to tell me that cubase is still not retina, but when I asked when they would release a retina version, they just ignored me. I should have just switched to Logic years ago…

Curious too…

Here’s Cubase 9.5 in my MacBook Pro with a 15’’ Retina Display.

Can you notice how everything is upscaled, blurred and occupying so much space?

Look to the bottom toolbar in comparison with the Cubase window. See the difference of resolution?

(Open the image fullscreen for a better view)

I’m wondering if there’s a way to fix this, otherwise I will not buy the full version of Cubase after the Trial periods ends…

It’s not as bad as this on mine. Most of the icons aren’t retina but the rest is kinda OK.

Companies usually won’t personally give you the scoop on future releases.

Looks terrible on mine too. Very blurry. Logic is so sharp and great to look at in comparison. Even more annoying is that I can’t open it in proper full screen in mac. Always has the dock at the bottom. Why would that be so hard to do?

We’ve been waiting for retina compatibility since 2012 and looks like it won’t be available
Anytime soon. Instead they prefer ignoring customers. This is typical of Steinberg.
Considering they advertise their products with Mac.

Anyway here’s an easy fix, it’s an app among many that will set your screen resolution for any app: