Retiring Cubase 10 in favour of Cubase 9.5

Hi Folks,

After a rather rigorous MIDI editing session I have decided that Cubase 10 is not for me, it’s just to sluggish.

Selecting a group of notes takes a second.

Moving notes is a pain as you are never sure of where the note will end up because of the delay.

I have even noticed a delay in the project window.

Nope, until I have answer for the abysmal performance it’s back to Cubase 9.5 for me. What a breath of fresh air.

Happy session.

And …

Let’s not forget the downgrading of the new track dialog. What a mistake.

Yes, I can select the audio interface device, yes, I can select mono, but I can’t select the right or left channel.
What were these people smoking when this change was implemented?

Seriously unimpressed with C10.


I’m happy to report that the new update has fixed the sluggishness.

Happy camper.

Thanks Steinberg.

Guess you got some? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, are you on Mac or Windows?