Retiring Groove Agent at last

Been using it since version 1, and it was pretty solid for the most part, but it is finally time to put her to rest. Finally got around to buying Jamstix yesterday, and after a learning curve of about two hours, I cannot believe I didn’t try it long before now. 3.5 is 64bit, works a treat in Nuendo 5.5 and Cubase 6.5, and is so much more intuitive to use in every way. Arranging and adjusting drum and percussion tracks couldn’t be easier or more realistic. GIve up on GA 4, it ain’t gonna happen.

Groove agent 3 is still the shit! because of its simplicity, sample replacement, and ofcourse, midi output. Plus i like to stick with steinberg on steinberg products. very pleased!

JL, hi. I am not much of a virtual player but I have just started figuring out GA. I am actually glad to see your post because I don’t find GA very intuitive. I just looked at Jamstyx and it seems like a good option, thanks for pointing that out.

But can I ask you two questions? First one about GA. I watched a video where a guy takes a short vocal track, maybe two bars. He edits it in the Cubase edit window, creating a number of hits on the track. Next he closes the editor, lights up GA on a track and on the project screen and drags the entire track onto pad #1 on GA. What happens is that all the individual hits are now spread out on all the pads. I cannot do this, try as I might. What am I missing?

The second question involves the virtual drummer from Ozone. To me it looks very intuitive, but I wonder if you’ve looked at it, and, if so, would you still recommend Jamstyx instead of it?


OK, I see this is kind of a dead forum… Sad. So, Footnote:The jamstyx looks good but unfortunately the trial download is not 64bit so it looks like it will be a while before I can try it in my PC environment.