retrieve a vst instrument setting

Hello i am trying to work again to a project made few years ago, may be with cubase 7 or 8…now it is 10
The problem is with vst instruments
Sometimes even if the vst instruments required is there, and the version is the same of the version which i create dthe project, the instruments can’t proprerly load the sound
It is happening with battery 4
I created the project with it, i have it now installed but when i open th eproject there is no sound loaded in battery and the track of course don’t play
Is there a way to sove this?ma be somewhere i program change to read to recover what bank was loaded?
thanks a lot

sounds like the battery library has moved/changed drive letter

the soundbanks don’t get copied into the working folder like audio when you use samplers like kontakt and similar romplers that get their samples via a instrument